Joomla Website Backups

Despite your best endeavors and skill level, regular website backups are essential. Below we outline a simple method for taking regular backups of you Joomla Website.


Joomla is a dynamic content management system, and as such uses a MYSQL database to store the actual 'data' of your website. As well as your database, various files are also critical to the operation of your site. A sound backup strategy takes this into account. It's no good only taking a backup of you files, but not bothering with your database.

So, when would it be imperative to take a website backup? Under some of the following situations:

  • You are about to install a new Extension for Joomla
  • You are about to patch/upgrade Joomla
  • Your regular daily, weekly or monthly backup strategy
  • Various other times

So, how do you do it.. easily? We've found the best success using the free tool AkeebaBackup
The component is simple to use as well as install. However, a few VERY important points. While this component makes taking a backup simple, it's fairly useless if you do not download the backup that is created to another location, like you own computer. So, be sure to take special note of that.

Serverside/hosting backups are also a must when it comes to a backup strategy. What about your own local backups? Please see an article we wrote on this here: Backups are for sissies, right?

Again, we cannot stress how important regular backups are. AkeebaBackup is a purpose built component designed to assist you in this regard. Make it one of your must have components as well. JoomlaPack backups can also be used to assist you in migrating/moving your Joomla website. You can read more on that in our section: Moving Your Joomla Site.

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12 August 2020