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This is one of my most passionate subjects when it comes to Joomla Security. Why?

Well, working for the company that provides the official Joomla Hosting to the Joomla project we've learn't a few things over the years about Joomla Hosting and Security. We've also watched hosts come and go as they fail to provide a secure hosting environment or service to their users. We regularly keep up to date with issues that users are facing by our participation in the Security section of the Joomla Community Forum

Too many times people's website security suffers due to failure on their hosts behalf. So without boring you with all the negative points of far too many hosts out there, here is what we recommend:


We recommend Joomla Hosting from XYZulu.

XYZulu Hosting:
Why? XYZulu provide the best hosting environment for your Joomla website. Through our experience managing the hosting the Official Joomla Websites we gained much experience. XYZulu servers are setup in such a way that permission problems, that often result in Joomla Extension installation headaches are a thing of the past. All server security and updated are taken care of by our qualified experienced staff. XYZulu are also well placed and experienced to take you hosting from an entry level plan, and the way up to a Managed Cloud Server
Another vital Joomla Hosting tip is ensuring you keep Joomla and all components up to date. XYZulu Hosting can do this for you for free. Read more here: Free Joomla updating service now available
Some other reasons to choose XYZulu Hosting are explained in the following posts:

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