Optimizing Your Joomla Site

So, you've installed and setup your brand new Joomla website already. Have you given some thought to how you might optimize it to load faster yet? We'll provide you a few pointers in this article.

First of all, an important step one is to enable Joomla's built in caching. You can do this simply using the following steps:

  • Login to your Joomla Administrator Panel
  • Goto > Site > Global Configuration > System (depending on your version this may be slightly different)
  • Set Caching to ON. I'd suggest you leave it set to File and 15mins. Conservative caching in Joomla 3.x is probably the best option to start with
  • Save your Configuration

Some notes:

  • Once caching is enabled, while new content will prompt a refresh of the system cache, you can trigger this yourself to ensure that 3rd party components that use the inbuilt cache are also refreshed (see the next point)
  • You can manually refresh the cache in Site > Maintenance > Clear Cache (you'll need to, in most cases, select all items, and then press 'delete' up the top right


Next? Well, the world is really your oyster. Depending on your template, there may be a number of optimization options already implemented. Most of the 'well known' Joomla template clubs produce excellent templates that may already be optimized.

Some other important reading suggestions are:

Don't forget too, the kind of hosting you choose can also have a big impact on the speed of your Joomla Site. We've not touched on this issue at all in this artilce as it should be obvious.

For further help in this Joomla Optimization area, be sure to head over to the Joomla Forum, in particular the forum section on Joomla Performance (pick the section for the Joomla version you are working with).

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